Adjudication Process – Construction Industry Payment And Adjudcation Act 2012 (CIPAA)

How An Adjudication Start?

Whenever there is an dispute of non-payment for construction work or construction consultancy, the unpaid parties (Claimant) can file a claim against the non-paying party (Respondent). The Process is as follows:-

  • Dispute, Non-Payment for Construction Work or Construction Consultancy
  • Claimant makes a PAYMENT CLAIM
  • Respondent issue PAYMENT RESPONSES within 10 working days

When the unpaid party refused or disagree to the payment claim, the claim shall proceed to issue notice of adjudication and appoint adjudicator. After this the Claimant shall issue adjudication claim within 10 working days.

  • Claimant issues NOTICE OF ADJUDICATION
  • Appoint an ADJUDICATOR
  • Claimant issues ADJUDICATION CLAIM within 10 working days

The non-paying party (Respondent) shall issues adjudication response within 10 working days. After that, the unpaid party (Claimant) shall issue Adjudication Reply within 5 working days. In between, the Adjudicator may call for site visit or meeting or hearing.

  • Respondent issue ADJUDICATION RESPONSE
  • Claimant issue ADJUDICATION REPLY within 5 working days
  • Adjucator may call for Site Visit or Meeting/Hearing

Adjudicator issues decision within 45 days adjudication reply. The decision can be enforced as a court JUDGMENT. Then the unpaid party if successfully claim, they can collect the payment.

  • Adjudicator issue DECISION within 45 working days of Adjudication Reply
  • Collect Payment

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