During MCO,being detained by Police! What can I do?

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Today I want to talk about the questions that a family member, friend, or relative will definitely ask if a person is caught by the police. I help you organize ten here:

  1. My family member or friend or relative was arrested by the police. I need a lawyer. You go to the police station to guarantee him out, is it a lawyer?

Answer: OK, when this kind of thing happens, the first thing we need to know is to ask the police officer who arrested  him. What is the reason why he was arrested for what reason or suspected crime. One more thing is from which police station the policeman came to arrest him. These are very important and need to be clarify first!

  1. Lawyer, what else can I do? Can we only wait for the police?

Of course, if you know which police station he is in, you can go to that police station to meet with the investigating officer in that case to understand what actually happened. But we also know that we ourself as an ordinary people, we don’t want to go to the police station if possible,  because for example, from the perspective of ordinary people, once you go there will be no good things.

Our most taboo is going to the police station, hospital and court. Therefore, many people do not want to go to the police station. Even when they arrive at the police station, they are less likely to communicate with the police or do not know what to say. So at this time, many people will contact lawyers and seek the assistance of lawyers to deal with this matter. So, lawyers also play a very important role in this aspect

  1. What did the police detain him for? He didn’t do anything salah.

OK, the police will not detain anyone casually. Why did the police detain that person? It was because someone called the police and then the person will be detained. He was suspected of committing a crime and then led the police to arrest him (jail). The police detained him to ask him to help the police in investigating the case. Whether is there anything wrong with your friend/family member, that’s depends on  police investigation

4. Lawyer Ng, how long can police detain / arrest him?

OK, we need to know that the detention order was given by the court. The police cannot detain him for more than 24 hours. If the detention is to be extended, the police must take the suspect to the court to apply for an extension of detention.

As for how many days they can be detained, if the police opened a file to investigate their provisions and if his penalty was less than 14 years, then the first time they could not be detained for more than four days. The second time is not allowed to detain more than three days. It can only be detained twice. Then, if the suspect is investigated under section which have penalty exceed 14 years or more. Then the first time will not exceed seven days of detention, and the second time may not exceed seven days of detention. It can only detain twice. .

5. Lawyer Ng, when can the police release people? It has been a long time

OK, everyone needs to know that the police detained him because he was asked to help investigate the case (another police). How long will it takes? It depends on how long a detention order was given by that court. The police must investigate the case within the time limit of the detention order before releasing him. Of course, of course, if the police can complete the investigation in a shorter period of time, the police can also release the person early using Jamin Polis or directly accused him/her to the court. Of course, it cannot be ruled out that if he has other suspected cases in other police stations, the policeman in that police station can also come and arrest him at this time and take him to another police station. For situation of another case investigation, we cannot be ruled out if he is suspected of other criminal cases elsewhere.

  1. Can a lawyer see him?

The answer is yes. Article 28A of the Criminal Penal Code gives the detainee the right to contact relatives and friends. So of course you can also contact a lawyer. So within a reasonable time, the police need to wait until the lawyer arrives. Only then can you start recording confessions. However, under special circumstances, such as complicity or evidence of destruction, the deputy police officer or a higher-level police officer can approve these rights. At that time, the police could not let me(lawyer) go to see him.

7.What is Jamin polis bail?

This is also called jamin mulut, oral bail. It is possible to bail out the suspect from the police station. This is when the police investigated the case, if it was too late to file a charge, the police would usually ask the family members to sign a guarantee document to bail him out. Generally, no security deposit is required. This is to say that the suspect will attend the court when he is asked by the police to face the accusation. If he said that when the police asked him to go to the court to face the accusation and he did not go, the prosecutor could ask the court to issue an arrest warrant to him. Of course, if the police give oral bail, family members will often ask lawyers to accompany them. Because many people don’t know how to communicate with the police and are afraid to say something wrong. 

8. What if the police keep detaining the person and keep him/her inside the jail?

You can ask a lawyer to challenge the detention order to reduce the detention period. Sometimes, if the challenge is successful, you can also release it on the same day. Because we can’t rule out that some of the detainees are also innocent, haven’t done anything wrong, or some have physical health problems, etc .. Everyone can ask a lawyer to challenge the detention order (remand order).

9 The police called to tell me that my relative / friend / family who was the defendant was going to court, what can I do?

You can contact a lawyer to go to court to help him fight the lawsuit,

Of course, if you want to plead guilty, you can also find a lawyer to plead

10. Is there a fee for the service?

I need everyone to understand that there is nothing free in the world. Every lawyer also has to work hard, live a life, and bear the family and the mortgage. Therefore, of course, you need to pay lawyers fees. Let me ask you a question, if your boss asked you to start working today, but without any wages, do you want to start to work? It ’s normal to think that if you don’t get pay, who will do the work?

That’s all for today. I hope that this little legal information will let everyone understand the information that the public needs. Thank you all for watching. Thank you

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