I get married and divorced overseas (Recorded in Malaysia). Do I need divorce again in Malaysia?

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I get married and divorced overseas (Recorded in Malaysia). Do I need divorce again in Malaysia?

Welcome to our “Guardian of the Law”, this is Lawyer Khoo. Okay, I will share with you some topic about divorce today. Do you have any friends around you or are you registered for marriage abroad? (In the condition that  your marriage record is available in Malaysia) Furthermore, you or your friend had also divorced abroad, and the question is if you have divorced abroad, do you need to have another divorce in Malaysia?

Since it is now under the Movement Control Order(MCO), I can’t shoot video outside or find someone to help me co-produce together. So I made a cartoon-like movie to let everyone understand the topic in more details. Thanks, keep watching.

This is Mike and Mimi. Mike and Mimi were born in Malaysia. Both of them are Malaysian citizens. Soon after, Mike and Mimi married in Singapore, and then the two of them registered their marriage in Singapore. At the same time, Mike and Mimi also registered their marriage with the Malaysian High Commission in Singapore. This means that their marriage is recorded in Malaysia at the same time. Soon after, due to problems in the marriage between Mike and Mimi, they chose to have mutual divorce. So they went to the Singapore court to file for their divorce. 

Since Mike and Mimi had a marriage record in Malaysia, they went to Ng Kee Way & Co. (Law Firm) to ask for legal advice from lawyer whether they need to file for another divorce in Malaysia. Lawyer Khoo just wants to say that Mike and Mimi do not need to have another divorce in Malaysia. They only need to bring their Singapore divorce court order to Lawyer Khoo, who then will file court order in the Malaysian court and let the Malaysian court execute the Singapore court order.

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