Premarital Agreement Review

Today we will talk about the prenuptial agreement.

Malaysians are very vague about the prenuptial agreement, even pantang (avoidance). Many people will say that divorce is not very auspicious to talk about before marriage.

What is a prenuptial(premarital) agreement?

Now many couples will sign a prenuptial agreement before getting married to protect their property rights and other aspects. Specifically, a prenuptial agreement includes the basic personal information of the couple, the property status of both parties, and the agreement made, etc., and the agreement can be signed under the witness of the lawyer.

Why do I need a prenuptial agreement?

As a lawyer specializing in divorce lawsuits, I have seen many couples who want to divorce, but they could not because they cannot reach a consensus. Why can’t they reach a consensus? Because the relationship between them is already broken and they can’t communicate well, even can’t get a divorce. Finally, we must apply for a unilateral divorce or so-called single petition divorce.

Does signing a prenuptial agreement mean that your other half would like to divorce with you in the future?

In fact, the prenuptial agreement is just to make it more efficient to deal with marriage problems when there are problems in the future coming in reaching a consensus. If the other half loves you, he (she) will want to protect you even more. I have dealt with countless divorce cases. The reason why people usually cannot reach a consensus during divorce is the distribution of marital property, child alimony, and wife alimony which lead to a deadlock in divorce. These people began to divorce unilaterally in court and sue each other for the court to decide.

The prenuptial agreement is like an insurance

The prenuptial agreement is like an insurance. Will you start buying insurance when you are sick or before? Insurance is to protect you after you get sick, and the same goes to prenuptial agreement which allows you to be protected after divorce.

Lawyer Khoo Ai Theng, P.J.K. (NSDK)


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