[Solution] Ex-husband refuses to pay alimony?

Many divorced ladies are worried that they won’t be able to get the alimony given tsentenced them by the court. Three months ago, a client from our law firm, called Ms. Chen for short, had been divorced for three years. In the past three years, her ex-husband only occasionally gave Ms. Chen one or two months of alimony. The previous judgment was that the ex-husband had to pay 3,000 ringgit alimony per month. The ex-husband did not execute his responsibilities according to the court order.

After listening to her friend’s persuasion, Ms. Chen, who has a relatively passive personality, also thinks it’s fine. There is no need to claim alimony from her ex-husband because it won’t work. But Ms. Chen felt very unwilling, so he made an appointment with our law firm, and came to our law firm to make an inquiry. Here we will share with you, and here are a few solutions for your reference.

If already divorced and the ex-husband refuses to pay alimony, there are actually many ways to solve it. The following are four methods:

  • First, apply to the court for bankruptcy of the ex-husband. When the former husband refuses to pay alimony and the amount exceeds MYR 50,000, then he can actually go to court to apply for bankruptcy of the former husband. Once the ex-husband goes bankrupt, his bank account will be frozen. So he cannot leave Malaysia. The ex-husband is bankrupt and his work will be affected. However, we must clarify that this solution is only applicable to the husband’s alimony of 50,000 MYR or above.
  • Second, apply to the court for a court order, and then use the court order to directly get back alimony from the bank account owned by the former husband. To use this method, you must have the bank information of your ex-husband. You don’t need to know his bank account number, you just need some documents to show that he has opened a bank account in the bank.
  • The third solution is to apply for a court order, and then ask the ex-husband to go to the court to explain why he did not pay alimony. At the court, if the ex-husband is still unable to pay alimony, the court will sentence him to prison.
  • Option four, apply for a court order, and then sell the ex-husband’s property. The money you get from the sale will be your alimony.

Of course, there are other methods, and there are many others. If you want to know more carefully, please make an appointment at our law firm.



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