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This video uploaded on 19 March 2020

The period of the ‘Movement Control Order’ is from March 18 to March 31, 2020. It means that if we arrive on April 1st, our lives will be the same as before, living an unconstrained life, free, and you can do whatever you want. Unless it is our government that it is necessary to extend it, then we will have to think about it in another way. Will the period of this ‘control order’ be terrifying, like five or six months? In fact, it is not. This period is only for 14 days, which is from March 18 to March 31, 2020.

1) In which area is the ‘movement control order’ enforced?

In what area is the ‘movement control order’ enforced? In fact, there is no division of regions. It is implemented nationwide, that is, all 13 states in Malaysia must respect this ‘movement control order’. Of course, this ‘movement control order’ is actually bound by two laws, that is, our “Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Act of 1988” and the “Police Act of 1967.”

2) How many instructions are in the ‘movement control order’?

How many instructions are there in the ‘movement control order’? There are six instructions.

First, it prohibits all activities in the country, group gatherings, including sports, social and cultural activities. So remember that during the time limit of this ‘movement control order’, don’t ask your friends out for high tea. This is illegal!

The second is that it will completely prevent our Malaysians from going abroad, so if you all Malaysians want to travel abroad, please collect your money and save it for next year.

Third, it will restrict all foreign tourists or foreign visitors to Malaysia. So if you have any good friends who tell you that they want to travel in Malaysia in the near future, tell them not to buy air tickets anymore, because Malaysia has prevented them from visiting Malaysia.

Fourth, it will close all kindergartens, government and private schools, including ordinary schools, dormitory schools, international schools, religious schools, and all elementary schools, middle schools and preparatory classes. Basically, if you are a student, you have to enter a state of suspension.

Fifth, it will close the government and private higher education institutions and technical training institutions across the country.

Sixth, it will close all government and private places, but not basic service industries. What is the basic service industry? To use an analogy, the prison must still operate, because there are still prisoners in the prison. Police stations, fire stations, and hospitals must also be open. Then there is finance, that is, our bank must be open to facilitate our Malaysian people to get money. So friends, don’t worry about saying that the bank is not open. Once you are short of money, you can still get money from the bank.

The most important thing is the daily necessities. Basically, don’t worry about these things, because all hypermarkets, PASAR AWAM, and pharmacies are still open, and you can still buy those medicines and foods like we do in ordinary life. Don’t grab it again!

3) Can I still go to entertainment activities, wedding banquets and feasts?

No, if in the near future, that is, between March 18 and March 31, if you really just happen to have prepared a wedding during this period, then it is very Sorry, you have to postpone this wedding.

4) Is the ‘movement control order’ only carried out at a specific time?

No! This ‘movement control order’ is 24 hours. It means that from March 18th to March 31st, you must abide by this law all the time for 24 hours.

5) Can I bring a foreign partner into Malaysia?

The answer is yes! Our government still welcomes you to say that you are Malaysian and the other half of you are foreigners. As long as you can show that you have a legal marriage certificate, then your couple can still come back to Malaysia. But once they entered Malaysia, the couple must be isolated. As for the number of days of isolation, whether it is 14 days or 21 days, it depends on our relevant units and doctors to decide, and then depends on their physique and physical condition to decide.

6) Can citizen studying abroad return to Malaysia?

The answer is yes. The Malaysian government still welcomes their citizens. Their people can return to our land in Malaysia, but it is still the same. These citizens who have returned from other places must be quarantined. However, the quarantine for 14 days is still 21 days. It’s still up to our relevant units to decide, looking at their physical and health conditions.

7) Can Malaysian permanent residents (PR) enter Malaysia?

For example, I am a PR (permanent resident) in Malaysia. Before issuing this’movement control order’, I had already gone to work abroad, but during this period of time I suddenly wanted to return to Malaysia. Can I come back? What about Malaysia? During this period, only foreign workers in basic services are allowed to enter Malaysia. If foreign workers must enter Malaysia, they must obtain a confirmation letter from our Malaysian employer. At the same time, Immigration must be handed over to us at the Immigration Department before entering. This means that unless your job is in this kind of basic service sector, it will be more difficult if you only hold a PR in Malaysia.

8) Can I pick up my friends at the airport?

The answer is yes. Just be sure to go to that place in a simple and fast way. But remember, if these friends are still coming back from abroad and you plan to pick them up, my advice is to ask these friends who have returned from abroad and suggest that they go to quarantine first, instead of saying that you just pick them up.

9) Can I still go to sightseeing spots?

The answer is no. Basically, all Malaysian institutions in these tourist attractions have been closed. The most important thing is to remember that this ‘movement control order’ is mainly to prevent the public from going to any place for social activities. Therefore, tourist attractions are not allowed.

10) Does the school need to make up lessons?

The answer is not needed! Because our Ministry of Education has already made it very clear, the closure from March 18 to March 31 does not require any students to make up classes.

11) Can foreign students studying in Malaysia return home?

During the control order, if these foreigners studying in Malaysia want to return to their country, then they can return. But remember that once they go back abroad, if they want to come back to Malaysia during the period from March 18th to March 31st, it won’t work. Because Malaysia basically does not allow foreigners to come in again. So these students, they have to come in again during this period after they have gone out.

12) Can I still eat out?

Yes, but it can only be taken out (packed). Because basically our government allows coffee shops (Kopitiam), restaurants, fast food restaurants, McDonald’s, and KFC to open stores in the same way. It’s just that customers can’t go in and eat, they can only pack, or they can only call Grab Food. The main purpose is that our new coronavirus can be spread through close contact. If the government allows diners to eat in restaurants, the distance between the diners will be very close, and the virus will spread through the saliva. It is for this reason that the government restricts only packaging and not eating in restaurants. So friends who don’t know how to cook, don’t worry. If you’re hungry, just pick it up on the phone and order a takeaway. That’s it.

I urge all the viewer to pray for the medical staff in our country, and hope that they will really have a way to spend this short two weeks in peace and nothing will happen like this. Of course, as citizens of Malaysia, we can also do our part, that is, not to go to any events, and not to go to any gatherings, but to try our best to take care of ourselves and not to contract the COVID-19. As long as we take care of our bodies, we will not become a burden to these medical staff, that’s it. So I hope everyone can work hard together.

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