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What is a stateless child? That is to say, some children were born in Malaysia, but for various reasons, these children do not have Malaysian citizenship or Malaysian ID cards. As a result, they are faced with various problems in life, in studying or entering school, and in all aspects of life. As for why these stateless children exists? I will analyze several factors with you below.

First factor

The first factor is that there is no legal registration for marriage, but a child has already been born. How to say? The father is Malaysian, but the mother is a foreigner. Let’s make an analogy, it’s a Vietnamese. They did not legally register their marriage at all before the child was born, but gave birth to the child. Malaysian law clearly states that one of the parents, the legal parent, must be a Malaysian, so that the child can automatically become a Malaysian citizen. But when the child was born, both parents were not legal couples, so they were not counted as legal parents. Therefore, the National Registration Bureau will only look at the mother’s citizenship and the mother’s nationality. In other words, if the mother is Vietnamese, then his child will become Vietnamese. The child will have a birth certificate, and the Malaysian government will issue a birth certificate to the child. But the birth certificate says “Keturunan Vietnam”(Vietnamese). Such a birth certificate prevents the child from obtaining citizenship rights, that is, a non-citizen, and thus cannot obtain the child’s ID card.

Another factor is that parents and parents have given birth to children, but the parents divorced. The mother returned home country and the child could not find the mother. There were no documents to prove his birth when he went to register. And this child did not return to his mother’s country with his mother, so the child became stateless. The child is neither a Malaysian nor a foreigner. He is a stateless child.

Second factor

The second factor is that parents delay in registering the birth of their child or when parents go to register the birth of their child, the parents are unable to hand in the documents required by the National Registration Bureau. In this case, most of them may not be able to register their children as Malaysian citizens because their parents may have died, or the whereabouts of their parents are unknown and relevant documents cannot be found. For this reason, many children cannot get Malaysian citizenship.

Third factor

The third factor is that there is a problem with the adoption of children. How to say? We all know that many parents in today’s society cannot have children, or do not want to have children, so they will turn to adopt children as their own children. But their usual method is to adopt them by buying children from a baby-selling group. Under such circumstances, parents who want to adopt a child usually fail to complete the correct legal procedures for adopting a child. They usually do, and the baby selling group will help them put the birth certificate directly in their name, as if the child was born to them. In this way, their transaction with the baby selling group was completed, and the children were taken by them for adoption.

There will be two situations like this. In the first case, to make an analogy, the child’s birth certificate is a genuine document. When the child is 12 years old, he will be taken to the National Registration Bureau for registration. However, in many cases, if they are adopted by other people’s children, they are treated as their own children, their skin colour and their appearance will be different. Therefore, if the National Registration Bureau sees such a situation at this time, it will suspend the child’s registration application, and then transfer the parents to the investigation department of the National Registration Bureau for investigation. If the investigation reveals that the child was not born to them, the National Registration Bureau will confiscate or deprive him of the child’s birth certificate. Such a situation will cause the child to become a non-citizen or stateless child.

Second, if the birth document is forged, when the child is 12 years old and the parents bring the child to the National Registration Bureau for registration, the National Registration Bureau’s database will not have the child’s data. In this case, the National Registration Bureau will immediately confiscate the child’s fake birth certificate. This will immediately cause the child to become stateless, non-citizen, and therefore become stateless child. This is one of the biggest and frequently occurring problems.

Problems faced by stateless children

After talking about the various reasons that lead to the emergence of non-citizens or stateless children, I will explain to you the various problems these children face in their lives: –

  • The first problem is their medical insurance. When children go to the hospital, they are not entitled to the medical expenses of Malaysian citizens.
  • Second, they will face problem when they go for registration of elementary school and middle school.
  • Third, people like them cannot have a driver’s license.
  • Fourth, they do not have passports. Because they have no ID cards and no citizenship rights. So they cannot have Malaysian passports.
  • Fifth, people like them also face some problems at work.
  • Sixth, there are some problems when getting married.
  • Seventh, you will also face some problems when you go to school.
  • Eighth, even opening a bank account is a problem.

These questions are only part of them, and there are many, many questions. At that time, if we have the opportunity, we will analyse it with you one by one, thank you.


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